Tweet it public or talk in private?

“One tweet. Thousands of comments. Four days later, two people have been fired. Welcome to the digital age.” With those words, Forbes author Kashmir Hill sums up the firing of a women, Adria Richards, who called out two men at a tech conference for crude language last week. The catch: she used Twitter to post a … Continue reading

Charmin explores the overshare: Too personal a brand to Tweet?

A few days ago, Beatabeat wrote about Charmin’s Twitter presence. To describe the Tweets from the toilet paper company as “overshares” may be an understatement. The TMI tweets include many variations of common bathroom stories: While BetaBeat went on to find out who was responsible for this overshare Twitter presence and hashtag #tweetfromtheseat, my first … Continue reading

Learning to share on Twitter and other social media platforms

In an effort to explore social media marketing, management etc. I’ve turned my attention to Twitter. Arguably one of the most useful and fascinating tools for businesses, I have to admit, I am not a great tweeter. So it’s time for some introspection, to learn why I’m not a great Tweeter and explore how I can better … Continue reading

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