Buffalo Wild Wings or Beyonce: Who shut off the lights and turned on Twitter?

For any of the millions of fans watching the Super Bowl on February 3rd, the most memorable moment was perhaps not Beyonce’s halftime show stopper, but the 34 minute blackout shortly thereafter. And with the lights off, Twitter users went absolutely crazy spouting theories, conspiracies, jokes, puns and everything in between about what was causing … Continue reading

Joints, Bongs and Unicorns

Well, it is no mystery kids do drugs. It is a mystery how do persuade them to stop. The National Youth Anti-Drug Media campaign spends millions of dollars producing commercials and other advertisements to warn kids of the dangers of drugs through their Above the Influence campaign. The campaign has done some great commercials, and … Continue reading

The Best “Super Bowl” Commercial?

I have to admit that below is probably the best (albeit slightly offensive) “Super Bowl” commercial I saw for this year’s game. Yes, this segment doesn’t parody a commercial that was actually on during the Super Bowl, but it pokes fun at one of the most watched and recognizable commercials leading up to it. This … Continue reading

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