Learning to share on Twitter and other social media platforms

In an effort to explore social media marketing, management etc. I’ve turned my attention to Twitter. Arguably one of the most useful and fascinating tools for businesses, I have to admit, I am not a great tweeter. So it’s time for some introspection, to learn why I’m not a great Tweeter and explore how I can better use one of the best social media platforms available.

Every time I jump on Twitter, I’m flabbergasted at the amount of social media shares I see from everyday peers. So every time I buy a new sweater, whip up a batch of cupcakes, get an A on an exam, spy a great deal at a restaurant or introspect on any moment of my given day, I wonder why I can’t share too. In my early tweeting days, I often typed a tweet out and slowly deleted it–“Who needs to know that?” Who needs to know about the sweater I just bought, my cupcakes, my A, my deal etc.?

Perhaps it goes back to a common midwestern principle that was pounded into my brain at an early age: it is impolite to talk about yourself. It’s a common reason I strongly value my privacy, never post pictures or updates on Facebook and have a near-impossible time pushing the Tweet button if it doesn’t contain a link.

In my time on Twitter, I’ve become more of a passer, not a sharer. If it doesn’t contain an opinion or link from a higher source, I have a hard time pushing send. But in an effort to change my habits, I’m going to dust off my midwestern morals and reluctancy to share to take a deeper look into what makes Twitter tick and how it can be so effective. My blog posts will focus on how Twitter use can be maximized from a personal and professional standpoint, so I can learn how to employ one of the most effective social media platforms around today.


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