Buffalo Wild Wings or Beyonce: Who shut off the lights and turned on Twitter?

For any of the millions of fans watching the Super Bowl on February 3rd, the most memorable moment was perhaps not Beyonce’s halftime show stopper, but the 34 minute blackout shortly thereafter.

And with the lights off, Twitter users went absolutely crazy spouting theories, conspiracies, jokes, puns and everything in between about what was causing the massive delay. And a fortuitous moment allowed one social media manager to capitalize on the millions trafficking Twitter to say:

Buffalo Wild Wings super bowl blackout

Yes, it was coincidental. But it just happened to be the best coincidence possible for Buffalo Wild Wings and their infamous ad campaign where games are postponed or interrupted by chicken wing spies, so BDubs-sports lovers can get a few more minutes of their elusive programming.

But without a competent and timely social media manager, Buffalo Wild Wings tweet wouldn’t have been retweeted almost 10,000 times. In a moment or truly free advertising, Buffalo Wild Wings got to capitalize on their ad campaign in the most highly trafficked time on Twitter. Furthermore  it doesn’t even include the amount of third party tweets that were sent out alluding to the fact that maybe Buffalo Wild Wings (not Beyonce) shut the lights off.

It’s difficult to mess up an almost perfect social media moment such as this one, but the list goes on and on for businesses not checking a trending Twitter topic, thus creating a PR nightmare (i. e. Celebboutique and Aurora, American Apparel and Sandy, etc.) Having a proper social media plan for major events is crucial to capitalizing on opportunities these outlets present. The correlation between Buffalo Wild Wings and the Super Bowl is easy, but too many businesses miss out by not following events that their followers are interested in. By focusing too much on the brand, many companies miss opportunistic moments  to capitalize on their social media presence.

One Response to “Buffalo Wild Wings or Beyonce: Who shut off the lights and turned on Twitter?”
  1. shredfast says:

    B-dubs was SMART to hop on a spontaneous event. It shows followers a bit of human-quality an not just some robotic post spewed out by a dry advertising campaign. Well played.

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