The Commerical Your Commercial Could Sell Like

Humor in advertisements is far from new. In fact, it has been used more and more in recent years to combat an increasingly attention deficit society. However, is its charm wearing off? When does the humor become too old and overdone?

We all remember what was dubbed by a friend of mine, “the most brilliant super bowl commercial” of last year”:

However, this same friend of mine turned to me while watching the most recent Old Spice Man commercial during the Wisconsin vs. Kansas State NCAA game saying, “I’m tired of this guy. They keep doing the same thing over and over again. I don’t even get what scent he’s selling.”

My friend seemed to tap into the fatal flaw of even the best humorous entertainment: jokes get old. Unfortunately, I had to agree with him about the old spice guy. Even he’s dapper voice, floating props and jaw-dropping pecs could do little to save his ad. His jokes were last year’s news.

Despite this recent turn of events, it is important to note that the Old Spice Man and his ads are far from an advertising flop. After 30 million Youtube views, television slots and a well executed social marketing campaign, the Old Spice brand has certainly improved its image and sent 2010 sales soaring. Yet, the Old Spice advertising executives seem to be resting in a comfortable place with a recognizable brand face and the same old script.

I certainly do not argue that the Old Spice Man should be left behind and the campaign should be redone. Perhaps, just a minor face lift could revitalize the campaign and get out those aging laugh lines.

The ads should highlight the same man and his message, but in a new setting. Why not show a couple having a nice dinner (perhaps on a beach in Fiji, the new scent’s name) and the woman getting distracted by the Old Spice Man. He throws out a few funny familiar jokes at the end, and that familiar whistle plays out the image of the floating body wash. Suddenly, it’s not all about the Old Spice Man anymore, but he still represents the product in a memorable but new and fresh way.

The Old Spice Man is one of the most successful campaigns in recent years. However, a simple reworking of the ads could certainly extend the shelf life of its hilarious campaign centerfold.



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