The Best “Super Bowl” Commercial?

I have to admit that below is probably the best (albeit slightly offensive) “Super Bowl” commercial I saw for this year’s game. Yes, this segment doesn’t parody a commercial that was actually on during the Super Bowl, but it pokes fun at one of the most watched and recognizable commercials leading up to it.

This Tosh.0 segment presents an incredible opportunity to market a difficult item.

I was unable to find out if Discover Card actually did sponsor the segment, but if they had, it would be incredibly creative product placement. A difficult item to market, a credit card, takes center stage in a hilarious parody. It’s not too obvious, but it has just the right amount of appeal and advertising to intrigue the target audience.

Tosh.0 premiered its third season on Jan. 11, 2011 with its biggest audience yet, 3.6 million viewers. It has become Comedy Central’s top-watched program surpassing the ever-popular Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert. I wonder exactly when marketers will realize that a lot more ways to creatively advertise on this show exist than just a commercial spot or segment sponsor.

Why doesn’t Mountain Dew (or any beer or soda for that matter) have Daniel wear a shirt with their logo on it during a show? Why don’t they pay for some product placement in one of the show’s created clips?

Or why not go a little bolder? Every good strategic communication student knows that companies often produce authentic-looking viral videos with perfected product placement content and circulate them on Youtube (you may know the Gatorade Amazing Ball Girl Catch). So why doesn’t Gatorade pay to have this clip put on Tosh.0? Even better and bolder yet? Pay him to expose it as a Gatorade ad and maybe even make a quick parody response video. The truth is that Gatorade isn’t really trying to get new customers to buy their product. Millions of people already buy Gatorade and sports drink products. Gatorade seeks brand loyalty, persuading those who always will buy sports drinks to buy their product instead of the practically identical Powerade. Because of this, they can afford to have a little fun and be a little bolder in their product placement.

After watching Tosh.0 make fun of it, I bet at least some of those 3.6 million viewers might feel the urge for some Gatorade the next time they’re in the store.



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